An Inspiring Journey

Shanteny Jackson

I looked up the definition of inspiration. This word has several meanings, but the one that felt right was “a mental stimulation to do something special or creative.”

Circles have been an inspiration to many, especially to me, because it allows vulnerable people to connect with tools, resources, and information to recreate themselves as one sees fit.

Perhaps you ask, how did she recreate herself? Well, it is easy! As human beings, we can change our habits and create new pathways (neurologically and physically). Circles participants change because they believe and hope in a better future. They have the support of people, places, and things to empower them to change.

I am not an exception; Circles was the mechanism to attain the change I wanted to see. While at Circles, I improved my financial perspective, scaffolded career opportunities, and strategized personal growth. On a deeper level, Circles strengthen my networking capacity by connecting me with peers, colleagues, and mentors from diverse backgrounds which enhanced my personal and professional experiences.

So, as I reminisce on this journey, I couldn’t help but to be grateful and thankful for inspiring experiences and friendships. Just like Nipsey Hussle said “If you look at the people in your circle and you do not get inspired, then you do not have a circle, instead you have a cage.” Thank you Circles for creating inspiring circles of empathy, trust and friendship.

Shanteny Jackson

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