Making Progress


Friends introduced me to this program. When I signed up, they called me for when the classes start. And when I start coming here my blood pressure come down because I had been thinking about things, worried. When I’m a single mother by myself, I go to work. I come home. I don’t have other things to do. So I started to come here and people had the same problems too…

I listen to other’s opinions. They advise me. We talk together as a family. This place I think is a family, a home, to me because there’s a lot of people making me happy. This place, it’s just helped me a lot.

So then about 2 to 3 months later I meet Miss Jean. I said, “please can you help me write this sentence?”. She said “yes and I’d love to do it.” So from that day I told her my problem and she said, “oh is that your goal? You want to go back to school to learn to read and write?” I said, “yes.”

Jean is a good person and Mr. Joel, he makes sure I go to school. He takes me to class. He doesn’t want me to be late. Lovely people. If I wouldn’t have done this program, I wouldn’t have met them. So they are my angels.

It (Circles RVA) worked for me. I’m looking for a house to move to. I’m working on it and through these people (Circles RVA) I get the information. So they give me ideas on where I can go. It will take a year or a year and a half but I’m in the process. It bring a lot of sense to my head…