Our Mission

Circles RVA offers a relationship-based model to empower individuals and families to permanently move out of poverty and thrive by engaging the strengths, goodwill and existing resources of the community and focus on the collaborative ownership of solutions to break the cycle of poverty.

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Why Richmond?

Approximately 15% of Americans live in poverty. The Richmond poverty rate is nearly twice the national level at 25.3% and the rate is even worse for Richmonders under 18 years: 38.7%. These numbers represent the faces of children, men and women of our community.

In some of Richmond neighborhoods the poverty rate is as high as 50%. To give you an idea of how much (or little) that is, the official poverty line for a family of four is $24,250 per year or less. Some members of our community live on as little as $10,000 per year.

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