Move Out of Poverty

“Poverty is real, but it is also a mindset.
I chose to change both in my family.”
– Joy, Circles RVA Graduate

Our vision is for everyone to have enough money, meaning and friendship to THRIVE.  If you are a goal oriented person Circles RVA might be the support system you need to move from surviving to thriving.

Our participants are called “Circle Leaders” because they are leading the change they want to see in their lives.

Successful Circle Leaders:

  • Set financial goals and make progress on their plan to earn more income.
  • Leverage available community resources to help them achieve their plan.
  • Build encouraging relationships with other Circles Leaders and Circles RVA volunteers.
  • Use their knowledge and skills as problem solvers.
  • Share their strengths and give back to their community.

You may be a potential Circle Leader if you are:

  • Frustrated and overwhelmed about just “getting by” and want to learn about ways to get ahead.
  • Ready and willing to make changes to move out of poverty.
  • Seeking increased access to resources, including financial resources.
  • Underemployed, or you are able and willing to work and/or might benefit from job training.
  • Willing to help others by sharing your talents and gifts, experience and wisdom.
  • Not in crisis, not facing an active domestic abuse situation and not actively abusing alcohol or drugs (or have been in recovery for at least 6 months).

To become a Circle Leader:

  • Click the button “Click here to learn more” below and complete the form or click “Contact Us”
  • Circles RVA will reach out to schedule a meeting to see if Circles would be a good fit for you.
  • Upon acceptance, Circle Leaders participate in 12 sessions of Circle Leader training (held once a week on Tuesday evenings).  Following training, you would be matched with two volunteer “Allies” who commit to provide encouragement and accountability as you work to achieve your goals.
  • Circles Leaders make an 18 month commitment to follow their goals and attend weekly meetings with their Allies.

Circles RVA’s next class of Leaders will begin training in summer of 2023.

“No matter how hard you work or how many jobs you have, it is never enough.  You cannot seem to break through.  Your one individual efforts are never enough.  That’s where Circles comes in.  Circles provides the friendships, support and connection to community resources so you do not have to fight the battle alone.”
– Fatimo, Circles RVA Graduate

“Circles has brought me so much wisdom, positivity, and most of all growth.  When I look back at everything I have accomplished from the program it literally shocks me.  I never knew that a girl who came from where I come from would ever be where I am today.”
 – Darshee’, Circles RVA Graduate