Circle Allies

A Circle Ally builds an intentional friendship with the Circle Leader based on respect and trust. Each Circle Leader is matched with two Circle Allies to support the Leader in his/her journey to meet their goals for economic stability. An Ally is in for the long‐haul – the relationship may last for 18 months. Allies have a unique opportunity to work closely with a family and build meaningful relationships across class lines and witness the impact of their work first‐hand.

The Role of an Ally

  • Is an intentional friend
  • Offers emotional support when needed
  • Helps their Circles Leader evaluate and clarify their goals into manageable steps
  • Shares life experience and advice when asked
  • Meets at least twice a month with their Circle Leader

An Effective Ally has:

  • A listening ear
  • Experience navigating the education system
  • Work or equivalent experience
  • The ability to help with career exploration or networking
  • Knowledge of basic financial planning
  • Respect for the role of the Circle Leader as the center and driver of this process

Allies Commit to:

  • Complete Ally training
  • Attend at least two Circles meetings each month
  • Pass a background check
  • Spend 6 – 10 hours a month with Circles and their Circle Leader

CirclesRVA supports Allies with:

  • Orientation sessions and Ally training
  • Availability of the “Coach”, a trained professional
  • Collaboration with other Allies, Leaders and  volunteers
  • Resource teams who have information about outside resources to broaden the knowledge base and social networks of the circle