Leader’s Voices

In For The Long Haul

Through all of Circles Support from my Ally Family and Circles Family , I have Started that business that I wanted. I have cleaned up a lot of my credit and I sit  on the Board of Directors of Circles and am putting life into action  with a pay forward attitude in the way CRVA has helped me.

Today I am proud of being one of CRVA first Cohort and proud of being a leader of my own life. Starting my business is just the start of what’s to come from me. Now face with the Pandemic has pushed me to come up with other ways to stay in business and also be able to help my family and community safely.

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Overcoming Hurdles

My 18 month journey has been nothing but BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS AND LAUGHTER. There are times I wanted to give up and walk out. Life throws us curve balls sometimes, we just have to know how to swing the bat at it. I have learned how to fix my credit score, how to save money, how to parent better, how to focus and how to grow. I have been surrounded by doctors, lawyers, beauticians, barbers, accountants, business owners, counselors, physical therapists, bankers, nurses, forensic scientists, and even pastors while in the Circles RVA program. No matter what goal I set, there was always someone who could help me and if there was not, Circles coaches and facilitators brought someone into the program to teach it to us and provide those resources to us.

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Making Progress

It (Circles RVA) worked for me. I’m looking for a house to move to. I’m working on it and through these people (Circles RVA) I get the information. So they give me ideas on where I can go. It will take a year or a year and a half but I’m in the process. It bring a lot of sense to my head…

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An Inspiring Journey

Shanteny Jackson
I looked up the definition of inspiration. This word has several meanings, but the one that felt right was “a mental stimulation to do something special or creative.”

Circles have been an inspiration to many, especially to me, because it allows vulnerable people to connect with tools, resources, and information to recreate themselves as one sees fit.

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