CirclesRVA relies on volunteers.  Here are some of the ways you can become part of the solution – it can be a rewarding experience! 

“I feel stuck and am sick of it. I need to head in a new direction”

“I want to make a lasting change

To take the lead into your future to emerge from poverty

Circle Allies are individual volunteers who build an intentional friendship based on respect and trust with a Circle Leader and supports them on their plan to achieve economic stability.

Many Circle Leaders attend with their children.

During the meetings, while the Circle Leaders and Allies are working on their plans the children participate in directed learning activities.

Volunteers organize and lead these programs

Donate and prepare a meal for the weekly meeting. This is often undertaken by a community group such as a church or civic organization.

Volunteer to help set up the space, welcome participants or help clean up after the meeting.

Share a specific skill or knowledge that you have with a Circle Leader when they need it to help them to implement their plan.

Skills that the Circle Leaders can often use include writing a business plan or resume, making an application for a mortgage or a loan, legal or financial advice, or simply a contact in an agency or organization.

Works with the Circle Leaders to identify and understand local and systemic barriers that keep people in poverty, identifies best practices and precedents that others have used to address the barriers, and cultivates community relationships to make progress on eliminating these barriers.

The Resource Teams provide support to the Circles Leaders and Allies through organizing the meetings, recruiting Leaders and Allies, assisting with contacts to finds jobs and education opportunities and connecting Leaders and Allies with service organizations.

To request more information

Send email: kblalock@circlesrva.org

Phone: 1-888-447-2782

Write: Circles RVA,
P.O. Box 23527
Richmond VA  23260